US Speaker

Our Parts

US Speaker offers high-quality, affordable speaker parts to improve your sound systems. Whether you’re upgrading your existing cabinet or looking to build a new one from scratch, we have all of the parts that you could ever need! 


Get the most out of your low-frequency bass sounds with our selection of woofers! We offer a wide variety of woofer brands, so you can find the equipment that matches your specific needs.

Guitar and Bass

Need to improve the sound on your guitar or bass? We have the best parts to make your licks sound crisp!

High-Freq Drivers

Get the perfect compression on your sound system with our high-frequency compression drivers.


At US Speaker, we have many different, high-quality horns of all sizes, brands, and materials to improve the volume and sound on your system!

Super tweeters

Improve your high-frequency sounds with our super tweeters!


We offer a wide variety of cabinet hardware, including handles, corners, dishes, grille covers, grille clamps, top hats, screws, L-Pads and more!


Get your crossovers from us so you can protect your high-frequency devices from distortion!

Pro Audio

We offer a wide variety of professional EQ filters, some of which come with a five-year worry-free warranty!

Car Audio

There's no reason why your car's sound system shouldn't be as good as your home's. Get your car speaker parts from us!

Speaker Stands

Set your speakers up the way you'd like with our wide selection of premier speaker stands!